Clinical Documentation & Compliance Management

Our clinical documentation & compliance management features provide quality patient care at the lowest possible cost. Full compliance with all federal & state regulations is ensured. Our flexibility, ease-of-use, & consolidated reporting tools reduce the cost of initial training, ongoing document preparation, & management review.

CarePoint Software includes features to improve the quality of your clinical documentation and keep you on top of all compliance issues.

Electronic Clinical Documentation

  • Clinical Documentation reduces time needed to prepare documents.
  • Flexibility documentation libraries save time & ensure compliance. 
  • Enter Plans of Care, Daily Notes, & Progress Reports in 15 minutes. 
  • Focus therapists' time on providing high quality therapy services.

Documentation Libraries 

  • Documentation Libraries improve quality by controlling the content of documents.
  • Lists of codes, treatment goals, & more ensure quality document preparation.
  • Use our library, select & edit entries, or create new documents "on the fly."

Document Copy Function

  • Our "Document Copy" function reduces preparation time & improves quality.
  • Changes can be made "on the fly" to ensures that all of the documents for each patient are unique & will stand up to review in all cases.

Clinical Documentation Reports 

  • Reports save time & improve quality. Managers can review documents easily.
  • Review all document types for any period by facility, payer, patient, or discipline. 
  • An array of clinical management tools improves document quality before review.

Automatic Patient Alerts 

  • Patient Alerts identify quality control or clinical compliance errors automatically.
  • Alerts appear upon log on, in Patient Central, & Scheduling. 
  • Alerts clear when corrected or with the passage of time.
  • Examples include, “Treatment Required Every 10th Visit, Re-Certification Note Due, Diagnosis Missing; & Plans of Care, Daily Note, or Progress Note Missing.” 
  • Operational alerts include, “Patient in Assessment Period, Evaluation Not Entered, Patient Not Discharged, & Med A Benefit Run Out In 7 Days.”

CMS Activity Monitor 

  • Activity Monitor tests all charges for quality control & compliance to ensure full reimbursement for therapy resources used. 
  • Identify charges missed by misapplying the 8 minute rule, CMS minute parameters, CCI Edits, once-per-day procedures, or other errors. 
  • Eliminate denials from charges with insufficient minutes or missing modifiers.
  • "Live" reports save time. Therapists can make corrections right on the report. 
  • Managers can monitor quality control & compliance with ease.