Advanced Management Reporting Tools 

Maximize profitability with tools that deliver quality patient care at the lowest possible cost. Deploy CarePoint directly over the Internet or on your own secure network. You do not have to share server space with other providers.

Advanced Clinical & Management Reporting Tools 

Sweep your database quickly in "real-time" to pinpoint clinical or management issues immediately. Exceptions like low productivity, Medicare Part A case mix problems, billing errors, or profitability issues are identified. Clinical reports include:

  • Admission Tracking report for length of stay analysis
  • Med A Management report for ARD and RUG's level management
  • Activity Edit listing for compliance management 
  • Med B Caps report for compliance management
  • Clinical Summary & Clinical Trend Analysis reports
  • Treatment Audit report for tracking database changes

Integrated Spreadsheet tools provide greater flexibility. Find & analyze the clinical & operational data you need quickly & easily. Management reports include:

  • Med A Revenue report for per diem reimbursements
  • Med B Caps report to optimize benefit utilization 
  • Charge reports by patient, therapist, insurance company, or procedure code
  • Billing reports and journals detailing payments received by insurance companies
  • Productivity reporting tools
  • Operating Statements for P&L reporting
  • Income Trend Analysis

Consolidated Corporate Reporting

  • Corporate Reporting includes data warehousing & reporting tools.
  • Timely decision support is available from anywhere.
  • Superior design structure offers the flexibility to perform critical tasks as data is entered with "live" facility or corporate level reports.
  • Your data is available to you immediately from anywhere.
  • "Real time" performance saves time. Managers respond to errors immediately.

Flash Graphs: The Key to “One Minute” Therapy Management

Therapy managers are far too busy and face too many challenges to be expected to “cobble” together actionable information from disparate reports or Excel spreadsheets. They require simple and effective tools to survive and prosper in today’s environment. Our Flash Graphs are the solution that will enable them to identify clinical compliance or operational issues in “one minute” or less and respond to these issues before they become problems.

Comprehensive Time Management System

Our Time Management System controls therapy costs with features like our Time Clock, Timesheet Entry, Payroll Interface, & Productivity Reporting tools. These features ensure that payroll payments match the therapists’ treatment & non-treatment time precisely, group & concurrent treatments are accurately documented, & staff time used to process payroll is minimized.

Time Clock controls the on-premise time of all therapists at each facility

  • Monitor PRN staff or contractors visiting your facility periodically.
  • Clock In and Clock Out with the click of a button.
  • Managers can "override" time clock entries when necessary.
  • Print Time Clock Entries & Payroll Time Audit reports to track differences.
  • Therapists reconcile on-premise time to Time Clock entries quickly & easily.

Timesheet Entry controls all therapist time spent on non-treatment activities

  • Non-treatment time includes meetings, PTO, travel, or other categories.
  • This feature drives our powerful productivity reporting tools.

Our Payroll Interface reduces processing costs and increases payroll accuracy

  • Creates a payroll data file to transmit to your payroll service electronically.
  • Save countless hours of time processing payroll in your home office.
  • Payroll Time Sheet report compiles data using daily time category entries.
  • Payroll Time Clock report compiles data using automatic time clock entries.
  • Payroll Audit report details variances for time sheet & time clock entries.
  • Run reports for employees and contractors as required.

Productivity Reporting helps control your business

  • Sweeps through your database to pinpoint productivity issues immediately.
  • Focuses managers time where needed to increase productivity.