Skilled Nursing Facility Billing 

Our Contract Therapy Billing system for SNF’s is flexible, easy-to-use, & improves cash flow. Create invoices instantly by applying clients’ contract billing rates to treatment time entered. MPPR discounts & manual adjustments are included in invoices automatically. Profit Projection tools monitor operating income before invoices are created so you can react quickly to declining revenue or increasing costs.

Billing Interface reduces expenses & increases billing accuracy

  • Submit a billing file to the business office electronically, error free.
  • Saves two days of labor in the business office monthly.
  • Offer this valuable feature to your clients at no cost.

Contract Therapy Billing creates invoices in minutes

  • Apply facility billing rules, & create invoices instantly.
  • Improve cash flow by processing invoices quickly & accurately.
  • Reduce costs by saving time spent on processing your invoices.

Process MPPR Discounts on Med B services automatically

  • The MPPR discount applies to most CPT codes provided daily.
  • Full rates are applied to one unit with the highest Practice Expense component.
  • Our MPPR Fee Adjustment Report calculated the correct Med B fee daily.
  • MPPR discounts on Med B services are included in our invoices automatically.